Turning Heads

22 Mar 2016 | Day to Day

There comes a time in every production company’s life when the team needs to upgrade their gear transport situation. Or at least there did for us–and that time is now.

We’re stoked to unveil our new wheels: a fully loaded 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. It’s as big as they come, and we’ve got plans to match; plans that will help make our process more organized and efficient, and our company more capable–including a full internal build-out (more on that soon).


Jeff Blossom: Utility Man

14 Mar 2016 | Artist Profile

Jeff has spent most of his career doing what he calls ‘guerrilla-style’ video production. He has worked as a television news photographer and a freelance documentary-style videographer in half a dozen countries, in jobs that require quick thinking and creative problem solving under pressure. This gave him a particular skill set, one that makes him a valuable member of the Anchor team – albeit in a much different context.


Animating Education

12 Feb 2016 | Work

Wesley Seminary’s leadership approached us with an idea for a live-action video that would showcase the unique aspects of their program, like the summer intensives all over the world. The problem? A project like this would take more time and resources than they had to put toward it. But we like a challenge, and we like solving problems for our clients even better.


No Excuses

08 Jan 2016 | Work

Ryen Brumbeloe is not a traditional university student–but not for lack of trying. She attempted a more conventional Monday through Friday schedule, but her job has her on the road frequently, making this next to impossible. She realized that she needed a flexible program that could accommodate her busy lifestyle. “I did some research,” she said. “And everything just pointed to Indiana Tech and the online program they offered.”


We’re With Hemingway: A Few Words on Relationships

09 Oct 2015 | Day to Day

Our partnerships ultimately strengthen the final products we create together. Hemingway believed that the more familiar you are with your topic, the better your storytelling – your knowledge leaks through, making it stronger than it would have been otherwise.

We’re with Hemingway.


Where Faith and Science Coexist

05 Oct 2015 | Work

Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU)’s Hodson Summer Research Institute is a terrific opportunity for undergraduate students in the natural sciences to get hands-on lab experience. Especially for those who are both aspiring scientists and people of faith. It’s a unique asset that the school wanted to share with current and prospective students students in a compelling and accessible manner.

We were happy to oblige.


Building Questa’s Foundation

18 Aug 2015 | Work

We recently completed the cornerstone of Questa Education Foundation’s storytelling efforts: their brand film.

The film is the latest in a series of pieces we’ve worked on with Questa, an organization that helps individuals further their education, graduate with less debt, and become contributing members of NE Indiana’s workforce.



Yes, It’s Personal

22 Jun 2015 | Work

How do you talk about annuities in a way that doesn’t feel complicated and disingenuous? This is precisely the challenge Tradewell Tax & Financial found themselves facing. Here’s what worked for them:

Step 1: Know what you’re talking about.
Step 2: Be genuine.
Step 3: Hire Anchor Films.


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