Turning Heads

22 Mar 2016 | Day to Day

There comes a time in every production company’s life when the team needs to upgrade their gear transport situation. Or at least there did for us–and that time is now.

We’re stoked to unveil our new wheels: a fully loaded 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. It’s as big as they come, and we’ve got plans to match; plans that will help make our process more organized and efficient, and our company more capable–including a full internal build-out (more on that soon).


We’re With Hemingway: A Few Words on Relationships

09 Oct 2015 | Day to Day

Our partnerships ultimately strengthen the final products we create together. Hemingway believed that the more familiar you are with your topic, the better your storytelling – your knowledge leaks through, making it stronger than it would have been otherwise.

We’re with Hemingway.


Room for Ideas

30 Apr 2015 | Day to Day

We get asked all the time about our space–here’s how it all came together:

When we set out to build a film company, we felt it important to have a space where our big ideas could roam free, a place that embodied our values of hard work and craftsmanship, and where we could grow as a company, both practically and creatively. This is that space.

With reclaimed tabletops cut right here in our Midwestern backyard, an abundance of natural light, and beer in the fridge, we love our home and invite you to stop by.


All Dressed Up

07 Jan 2015 | Day to Day

We believe that everything we do should reflect our character. It should tell you that we’re serious about our craft, we never half-ass anything, and we’ve got a fire in our belly that just won’t go out.

So when we took an honest look at ourselves, it was apparent our site wasn’t up to snuff–it was clean, which we like, easy to navigate, which we also like, but it wasn’t Anchor Films. It didn’t feel the way it feels when you walk into our studio and slide into a seat at the bar.


Making a Name for Ourselves

23 Jul 2014 | Day to Day

If you know anything about the Anchor Films team, you know that we love great craftsmanship. So when it came time to upgrade the sign on the outside of our building, we sought out the quintessential craftsman – an old-fashioned sign painter.


Getting Down to Business (Cards)

28 Aug 2013 | Day to Day

We recently commissioned local Graphic Designer, Katie Fox, to create custom branding materials for Anchor Films. We love Katie’s design sense and the classic style she incorporated into her own branding for Brilliant Fox, and were thrilled to see what she would whip up!

Katie walked us through the entire process from various design styles to color choices to paper stock options. She did a wonderful job learning about the identity of Anchor Films, and truly captured the essence we hoped to convey in our brand.


We Didn’t Start This Fire

23 Aug 2013 | Day to Day

There was a massive fire right behind Anchor Films’ studio on Monday, August 19th, 2013. Close to 100 firefighters fought to contain it from 2 p.m. Monday until early Tuesday morning. We were relieved to hear no one was harmed during the fire, and we appreciate all the hard work the emergency responders did to keep the blaze from consuming even more buildings.


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