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Yes, It’s Personal

How do you talk about annuities in a way that doesn’t feel complicated and disingenuous? This is precisely the challenge Tradewell Tax & Financial faced. Here’s what worked:

Step 1: Know what you’re talking about.
Step 2: Be genuine.
Step 3: Hire Anchor Films.

Tradewell was already extremely knowledgeable about the topic, and is genuinely committed to partnering with their clients. The company needed to communicate that–while annuities are complicated–its approach is personalized to each client, determining whether an annuity is the right choice for their financial situation.

We took this 30-second spot from concept to completion, guiding the narrative by developing a script that would serve as a basis for a more natural interview. This gave the commercial an authentic feel, while ensuring Tradewell was able to clearly communicate the message using language that is compliant with legal standards for the industry.

We added attractive lifestyle footage to complement this message; the warm shots, featuring children and families, reinforce the bright financial future that Tradewell can help clients attain, and modern locations reflect the trustworthiness of their business–a necessity in the financial world.

The final video features this pairing of a natural, blended voiceover with beautiful lifestyle footage, shot with a variety of actors at multiple locations over a period of a day and a half. The result is a clear and effective financial services video that communicates the heart of the company, resonates with potential clients, and sets them apart from their competitors in the region.

Financial commercials can come across as stuffy and confusing to an audience, but they don’t have to. A strategic approach and attention to detail can go a long way in bringing clarity and authenticity to a message.

It’s a treat to work with such great clients; check out our photos below to get a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot.

Tradewell 1

Tradewell 2

Tradewell 7

Tradewell 3

Tradewell 4

Tradewell 5

Tradewell 6

Yes, It’s Personal

22 Jun 2015 | Work

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