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Animating Education

Wesley Seminary’s leadership approached us with an idea for a live-action video that would showcase the unique aspects of their new Doctor of Ministry program in Transformational Leadership, like the summer intensives all over the world. The problem? A project like this would take more time and resources than they had to put toward it. But we like a challenge, and we like solving problems for our clients even better, so we pitched an alternative approach–we could use motion design to create a film that would be fun, creative, and fit within the constraints of the project while still accomplishing all of their goals. It was a hit.

Motion design can be a great option when condensing complex processes or ideas into a short video, and that’s exactly what we needed to do for Wesley Seminary. So we turned the information into a loose narrative that would take the viewer on a journey through the program. Then we concepted and illustrated scenes that would augment the script with a cohesive, but diverse, visual presentation. The narrative follows a main character through the experience of the D.Min student at Wesley Seminary, highlighting key aspects of the program. We kept the animation whimsical to complement the upbeat tone of the video.

The whole process culminates in a video like the one at the top of this post: it’s helpful, enjoyable, and best of all, it accomplishes all of the seminary’s objectives. How can motion graphics help you reach your goals? Let’s chat.

Animating Education

12 Feb 2016 | Work

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