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‘All it Takes is One Visit’

Over the last couple of months, Anchor Films had the opportunity to collaborate with Indiana Wesleyan University on a series of promotional films for their admissions department. IWU wanted to create seven films focusing on the institution’s academic excellence and student outcomes. The end goal was to encourage prospective students to visit campus. In order to make this happen it was important for the films to have a personal and authentic feel.

Our first job was to help with the concept development, deciding on the most effective tone and format for the series of films. We were then given a list of students to contact and interviewed each one and selected the best candidates not only based on their stories, but on how well their stories would collectively fit together to communicate IWU’s objectives. We developed specific questions for each student, scouted interview locations, and started with production. After finishing the interviews we determined what types of b-roll sequences would best complement each film, captured them, and brought all the footage into the edit suite where we cut, colored, and mixed the final products.

After the project was finished, Scott Todd, the Director of Marketing at IWU, gave us this great feedback:

Brian and Matt were terrific to work with on a recent project – a series of academic videos featuring Indiana Wesleyan University students. I was most impressed by the effort that they expended on the front end of the project. They wanted to ensure they understood what we were wanting to communicate and then delivered our key messages in dynamic and engaging ways. Their process works and they hit a home run on each of the seven videos in the series with high-end production quality and highly engaging stories. They are skilled at directing talent and the give and take on the creative process throughout was also much appreciated. Highly recommend Anchor Films.

We had a blast working with the team at Indiana Wesleyan and are looking forward to collaborating with them in the future. We hope you enjoy these films, and maybe even schedule a visit to campus!

‘All it Takes is One Visit’

14 Apr 2013 | Work

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