Jeff Blossom: Utility Man

14 Mar 2016 | Artist Profile

Jeff has spent most of his career doing what he calls ‘guerrilla-style’ video production. He has worked as a television news photographer and a freelance documentary-style videographer in half a dozen countries, in jobs that require quick thinking and creative problem solving under pressure. This gave him a particular skill set, one that makes him a valuable member of the Anchor team – albeit in a much different context.


Theoplis Smith: Living in Color

13 Apr 2015 | Artist Profile

For Theoplis Smith, emotion drives the creative process. His work is full of rich colors and richer subjects; his brushstrokes are packed with energy.

“I’m really big on how people feel, how I feel,” he explains. “A feeling that can be captured and put on pause through my artwork.”

Creation is a constant compulsion for Smith — he’s been known to paint massive pieces on his lunch breaks at work — and he’s fast. Watching him paint live is like playing a video at twice the speed; his hands move with an erratic rhythm as he pours color after vibrant color on the canvas.


Kevin Mattison: Street Producer

07 Apr 2015 | Behind the Scenes

On a recent Monday, Kevin Mattison was conducting pre-interviews for a brand film, finalizing the timeline for a long-term, multi-shoot project, and editing rough cuts of a series of testimonial videos. As a producer at Anchor Films, his job is to work with specific projects from concept to completion, ensuring that the final product is a work of art.



Matt Plett: Undefeatable

20 Oct 2014 | Artist Profile

Like most high schoolers, designer and illustrator Matthew Plett’s life had a soundtrack. But unlike most of his classmates who connected through punk rock or 90s emo, his was flush with hip hop.

“It was so in your face,” he said. “I was like, ‘this is awesome.’”

Now a 30-something father of two, Plett’s life has changed in major ways, but his soundtrack is the same.


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