Powering the Region – Pt. 3

15 Oct 2016 | Work

We’ve been partnering with Northeastern REMC to help the cooperative communicate with its members about the services and support it offers. This summer, we added the the cornerstone of Northeastern’s video strategy: the brand film.


Powering the Region – Pt. 2

30 Sep 2016 | Work

Over the past year or so, we’ve been helping Northeastern REMC build up a library of educational resources for members and partners. This year, we added to that collection with two motion graphics explainer films.


Powering the Region – Pt. 1

27 Sep 2016 | Work

Last year, Northeastern REMC, a local energy cooperative, came to us with a clear goal: improve member evaluation scores in a couple of key areas, especially ‘value delivered’ and ‘services offered’.

Here’s the thing: Northeastern REMC consistently delivers some of the best service and support around. The problem was not a lack of value or services, but a lack of awareness.


“For Your Family”

16 Aug 2016 | Work

Ask a dozen different people to each put together a list of “midwestern values,” and you’re likely to see some of the same ones pop up over and over—values like hard work, dedication, trustworthiness, relationships, fun, and, most of all, family.

MidWest America Federal Credit Union has built a thriving business around these values. So we decided to build their most recent marketing campaign around them too.


Healthcare Goes to the Gym

08 Jul 2016 | Work

At Anchor Films, our work gives us the opportunity to do a lot of really cool stuff. But it’s not every day that we get to tackle worldwide epidemics.

Recently, though, we had the chance to do do just that in collaboration with our friends at Smallbox.


Shaping a Legacy

30 Jun 2016 | Work

Everyone leaves some kind of legacy. Most of us would be lucky to leave one half as great as Irene Walters.

There are dozens of stories that illustrate the extent of her impact. We chose to highlight just a few of them in this video, which features touching interviews with family members and area leaders sharing their perspectives and testimonies about Irene’s influence—both on them and on the community.


Turning Heads

22 Mar 2016 | Day to Day

There comes a time in every production company’s life when the team needs to upgrade their gear transport situation. Or at least there did for us–and that time is now.

We’re stoked to unveil our new wheels: a fully loaded 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. It’s as big as they come, and we’ve got plans to match; plans that will help make our process more organized and efficient, and our company more capable–including a full internal build-out (more on that soon).


Lauren Potter Wants You to Stop Saying ‘the R-Word’

09 Mar 2015 | Work

“End the R-word” is a campaign by the Down Syndrome Association of Northeast Indiana to change the conversation around intellectual disabilities and create more accepting communities, challenging people to use “respectful, people-first language.” We teamed up with the Association, Glee’s Lauren Potter, and our friends at One Lucky Guitar to produce this PSA.


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